Fruit Compote (компот)


Hello, my friends!! I have missed you. Here is a photo of the reason for my long absence from the blogging scene:

Pretty cute, right? 🙂 Now that I have somewhat adjusted to waking every 2 hours at night (even at 6 months old, baby boy still wakes to nurse often throughout the night), I have gotten back to cooking and creating in the kitchen regularly. Granted, sometimes it is baby food (I decided to make baby boy’s purees myself, since I enjoy cooking anyway, and this way he eats basically whatever we’re eating), but nevertheless, I’m back in the kitchen!!!

Today I wanted to jot a quick post of a childhood favorite: fruit compote. It’s not the American idea of a fruit compote, which is often a garnish or a side dish to a meal. In Russia compote is a homemade fruit drink, made with chopped stewed fruit and/or berries, served in a glass with chunks of fruit to be spooned out and  eaten at the end(not unlike sangria, but without the alcohol… although… mental note to try it with a splash of vodka, hah!). In the country, fruit compote is often made with dried fruit preserved from the summertime – stewing rehydrates the fruit, making it juicy again.

We suddenly got summer-like weather the past couple of days and I was inspired to make this summery fruit drink! The fruit or berry combinations can really be whatever your heart desires, but often apples, pears and strawberries or raspberries are used. For this compote, I had some apples and pears sitting around, and I added a handful of frozen organic blueberries from the freezer. The proportions of ingredients used were: 4 small apples, 1 large pear, and maybe a half a cup of frozen blueberries, 6 cups of filtered water, a half a cup of brown sugar (use more or less according to your taste), and a pinch of cinnamon. Simmer the fruit in a pot with the water, sugar and cinnamon on medium-low heat for anywhere from 30-60 minutes. The longer you cook it, the softer the fruit will be. (And let me tell you, your house will smell delicious!!) Let chill and serve over ice with fruit chunks mixed in. Or, drink the juice and use the fruit to make apple sauce, like I did for baby boy – he loved it!! Enjoy!!

P.S. I forgot that I also added the juice of half a lemon – it prevents oxidation and helps maintain the pleasant pink color, not to mention the extra dose of vitamin C!