Lunch of the Day (and Cookies!)


So, I’m a day behind on posting yesterday’s lunch. Which was quite simply a Black Forest ham and avocado sandwich, which some cherry tomatoes on the side. I like to use avocado on my sandwiches in place of less healthy alternatives and condiments like mayonnaise. A lot of folks are afraid of avocados because they are reputed to be high in fat. But, as I have mentioned many times before, there are such things as  “good fats.” And we actually have to have the good fats in our diet and as part of our nutrition, otherwise our bodies and minds suffer. The monounsaturated oleic acid (the “fat”) in avocado is actually a health benefit with anti-inflammatory and even anti-carcinogenic properties. So, take an avocado with you to work and slice some up on top of a sandwich or salad, or just eat it as a delicious side dish with a sprinkle of salt, pepper and lime or lemon juice (to prevent brown spots).

My cherry tomatoes survived the first frost of the season, but ended up with a slightly soft and mushy texture – I ate them anyway!!


Now for the COOKIES!!! As you well know, I do not really bake. But I recently found a recipe on Pinterest (gotta love that site) that I absolutely had to try out. So, here’s the disclaimer – it’s not my recipe!! The recipe belongs to the site Cooking Classy. These Lemon Crinkle Cookies were delicious!!


I made a couple of adjustments to the recipe, mostly based on things I had or did not have in my pantry. I used brown sugar instead of white, and I did not go out and buy lemon extract just for this recipe. Instead, I doubled-up on the fresh lemon zest and juice, and they came out just as lemony and yummy. I also did not use any food coloring, but instead used a tiny bit of turmeric for the color. I also do not have a stand-up mixer, but my hand-held Kitchen Aid mixer performed admirably. I may have rolled the dough balls a bit too large, so my cookies were sized somewhere between a large cookie and a small scone, but nevertheless perfectly cooked, a bit crumbly and a bit moist, and all the way yummy!!





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One Response to Lunch of the Day (and Cookies!)

  1. Irin says:

    I will try to add bit of raisins in my cookies :))

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