Lunch of the Day -10/22/2014


Alrighty, this is my inaugural “Lunch of the Day” post! The theme for the next few posts will be “use up everything that’s in the fridge before being out of town for a few days.” And the star ingredients will be: EGGS, whole wheat PITA BREAD, and HUMMUS.

You have previously read about my life-long devotion to eggs, and I stand by it to this day. Eggs are highly underrated in everyday cuisine, I feel. I use organic and/or free range eggs and they are one of the highest quality, nutrition-packed and relatively affordable forms of protein out there. Not to mention they are highly versatile! Got leftover veggies? Make a frittata! Boil them up, chop and put them into a salad, or stuff them with yummy things for your own spin on deviled eggs (as I’ve done here). Throw a beaten egg in with bacon bits and cheese, and make pasta carbonara. EGGS – they’re not just for breakfast anymore!!

A good all-natural whole-grain pita bread is likewise a very versatile ingredient. Not only good for toasting and dipping into delicious hummus, it can be stuffed with deli meats, scrambled egg and veggies (see above about versatility of eggs), or tuna salad. It can also be topped with fresh mozzarella cheese, tomato slices and fresh basil for a quick and easy oven-baked mini-pizza.

Hummus, is of course, made primarily of chick peas, olive oil and garlic, making it a health food (as long as you check the ingredient list for any preservatives/additives/artificial flavors). It is also good as a veggie-dipping alternative to ranch dressing, or a sandwich condiment alternative to less healthy things like mayonnaise.

So, last night I hard-boiled several eggs and for today I stuffed a couple of them with a mixture of yolk mashed with a little bit of sour cream, and finely chopped smoked salmon that I had leftover in the fridge, garnished with chopped dill. This took about 10 minutes and is going to be my healthy lunch protein. I did not add any salt as smoked salmon tends to be on the salty side.

For my veggies, I sliced up some tomato and cucumber (read here about the MANY nutritional benefits of a simple cucumber), dressed with a bit of sunflower oil and vinegar, and garnished with chopped green onion and parsley. I had this salad as a side with dinner last night, and just brought the rest of it with me. A tomato/cucumber salad will keep much better overnight than a lettuce-based salad, and is perfect as a lunchtime option.

For my healthy carbs I’ve got all-natural whole-wheat pita bread, with hummus for dipping. (Read here about the health effects of hummus, including weight and cholesterol management).

That’s it! What did you have for lunch today?

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3 Responses to Lunch of the Day -10/22/2014

  1. Irin says:

    This is very healthy but it is also simple attractive and feels extremely delicious. You can feel the taste of everything placed on this plate – yummy, very yummy!!

  2. christine says:

    Great stuff chica.

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