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Hubby and I like to travel. But since we like to travel often, that usually means we can’t stay in any one place for very long. So, we’ve become pros at planning fun-filled, quality-not-quantity weekend getaways about every two-three months.  The weeks in between our trips are often dedicated to travel-planning – that way we can be sure that everything is perfect AND it gives us something to look forward to during the daily office grind.

Our most recent three-day-weekend getaway was a combined trip to Boca Raton, FL (to visit family) and an ocean-side getaway on Marco Island.

resort1The weather was gorgeous – relatively mild temps, clear skies. The water was cool, but not cold, the sand was white and shimmering with mother-of-pearl dust. Since we didn’t have a lot of time to spare, we decided to spend the entire day at the hotel, to maximize our beach and ocean exposure – breakfast at the beachfront café, lunch and cocktails at the beachfront bar… you get the idea. resortresort4bridgeThe next day we finally ventured out of the hotel for one reason only – to have lunch at Lee Be Fish. Every time we plan a trip out of town, being the foodies that we are, we research favorite local food that’s not to be missed. Lee Be Fish was apparently THE place to get fresh seafood on Marco Island. You don’t have to tell me twice! The place is tiny, and tucked away in a spot that will definitely require the use of GPS, but it was well worth it.


We shared a huge filet of fresh snapper – caught that morning – lightly breaded and seasoned and quickly fried, with a side of rice and beans. It was amazing. Light and tender on the inside, crispy on the outside, a far cry from the typical greasy battered fish.


After lunch, we drove through Naples, FL to get to the airport on the other side of the state. We stopped in downtown Naples for a bit of shopping/browsing and some delicious organic gelato at Adelheidi’s that was just what the doctor ordered on that scorching afternoon.

icre cream1ice cream

This was lavender and pistachio. Yum.

Having forgotten how merciless Florida sun can be this time of year, I was less than diligent in applying sunscreen which resulted in various strange-looking markings on our backs and arms. Hubby did not let me post a photo of the big “Z” I drew across his back in sunscreen. Will be more careful next time… if we remember. resort3Now that we’re back home, there’s nothing left to do but plan our next getaway – Portland, OR, here we come!!! Have you travelled anyplace fun lately? Drop me a note.


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2 Responses to Vacay

  1. Gorgeous shots! Gorgeous blue sky. I’m green with jealousy. And now I’ve got a hankering for lavender and pistachio gelato. Thanks for the break! ~Theadora (I especially love the shot of the sunset.)

  2. Wow!! I’m looking into moving to Boca next year and this looks fabulous!! I love beach living!!!

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