Alive and Well

Soooo, it’s been a long time since I last posted a recipe. Or posted anything, for that matter. I wanted to let my wonderful followers know I am still here! Been dealing with some health issues, busy at work and with some other projects, and frankly not cooking as much as I normally would. My parents sold their house and temporarily moved in with us a couple of months ago, so Mom has unleashed a fury of cooking upon us on a nightly basis. Since Mom only works part-time, there is usually a family-style dinner ready on the table the minute we walk into the house from work. I blame the family-style dinners for my recent weight-gain of a few pounds. For instance, last night Mom had whipped up for us: breaded pan-fried pork chops, mushrooms, okra, green beans, some kind of tortilla things, and rice with sweet peas and corn. I stuffed myself to the point of slight discomfort. I figured, it may not be much longer that I am spoiled with ready-made dinners, so I will take full advantage of them while I can!!

Although, I have to say I do miss the meditative quality of cooking, so at some point in the next couple of days I want to try out a steak au poivre recipe I found in the most recent issue of House Beautiful. Wouldn’t even need to brave the cold to buy any of the ingredients – I’ve got everything I need right here in the house.

Let’s see… what else is new… We are still snowed in here and from what the local news tells us, it’s not going to improve any time too soon. I’ve been spending most of my free time on the couch, drinking hot tea, eating chocolate and reading books. A couple of days ago I finished Dan Brown’s “Inferno,” which I put on hold at the library months ago and have been patiently waiting, only to be somewhat disappointed. As with many things, when you pen an international blockbuster like the “Da Vinci Code,” most subsequent works will likely pale in comparison. But that’s just one girl’s opinion. Next on the reading list is “Empty Mansions” – the story of Huguette Clark, the mysterious wealthy heiress who spent most of her life in seclusion.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

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One Response to Alive and Well

  1. Lena says:

    I am glad you are feeling better!! Those the family-style dinners!! I especially miss them lately due to my homesickness triggered by Olympics in Sochi!! Maybe it’s time to visit Russia!! 🙂

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