Aaaand here is my long-overdue post about our Labor Day/6th wedding anniversary excursion to Colorado! (6 years!  Time flies when you’re having fun!) We drove – kind of a mistake, as there is a lot to see in Colorado but not so much en route to Colorado, and Dan Brown’s “Inferno” audio-book I requested at the library didn’t arrive on time. So, we passed time by talking a lot (me) and stopping to eat… several times.  A grandma-style apple jam store? Why not.  A small-town restaurant that has a fried bologna sandwich on the menu? Yes, please. Especially when paired with lemon ale… Under the influence of the aforementioned ale, I schemed to steal a big sunflower from someone’s small farm along the highway, but hubby’s cool head prevailed.

9 or so hours later, we finally made it into Denver, and we had apparently picked a good weekend to be visiting, as the “Taste of Colorado” festival was happening right outside the doors of our downtown hotel!

There was a carnival…


And fireworks to finish off our Friday night! (Seeing as we were not expecting the festivities, this photo was taken with a phone).


The next day we ventured to a farmer’s market and then Confluence Park (fabulous idea to have a park built around a river in the middle of downtown).


Colorful display at the Farmer's Market. Oh, and Coloradans love dogs!!

Colorful display at the Farmers’ Market. Oh, and Coloradans love dogs!!

Colorful retro things at the Kirkland Museum…




Saturday night we had our delicious anniversary dinner at Rioja on Larimer Street, which was aglow with string lights.


Sunday morning we drove to the Estes Park resort to spend a bit of time in the mountains.



Lots of beautiful wild flowers everywhere…

At the resort, we chilled here…


and here…

photo[4] (2)

and so did these guys…


We also took the Aerial Tramway up to an observatory…


and strolled with our lattes through downtown Estes Park shortly after a rain…


Of course, there was lots of delicious food going on, with a decidedly international flair!

There was Indian…

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken

And Thai…


Tom Kha Gai with spring rolls

and Japanese.


Salmon roll with a sherry glaze.

And that is our Colorado trip in a nutshell – definitely a fantastic weekend getaway. Now… is it too early to start planning the next trip?….

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