Horseradish salmon with herbed goat cheese mashed potatoes


This was a speedy dinner (about 30 minutes from start to finish), using just things I had in the fridge and a little creativity. In my house, we love salmon and eat it often. It’s delicious and it’s full of health benefits. Because of salmon’s fairly strong flavor (compared to some milder, white fish) it can handle other strong flavors and condiments, such as horseradish (I’ve also made this recipe using wasabi mayonnaise, and it was just as good).  Horseradish is a popular condiment in Russia, although not for the faint of heart (Russians like their spices and mustard to burn like lightning up through their sinuses and make them sneeze), so if you have not previously tried horseradish, I suggest you test it out before using it in this recipe.

Before you start working on the salmon,  peel and get the potatoes boiling. While the potatoes are going…

For the horseradish salmon, I used:

2 wild sockeye salmon filets

2 tablespoons of creamy horseradish

Half-cup of panko bread crumbs

salt and pepper to taste

Rinse and dry the salmon filets. Lay on a baking sheet and sprinkle with salt and pepper according to your taste. On each filet, spread a tablespoon of creamy horseradish in a thin layer. Next, sprinkle with equal amounts of panko bread crumbs. If your bread crumbs aren’t seasoned, go ahead and sprinkle them with a bit of salt and pepper, as well. Spray the top of the bread crumbs lightly with some cooking oil spray, so that they brown.

Broil the filets on the center rack for just about 3 minutes (could be more or less depending on your broiler, so just keep an eye on the bread crumbs). When the bread crumbs turn golden brown, turn the heat down to 350 and bake the salmon an additional 15-20 mins. At this point you might throw a few stalks of asparagus on the baking sheet as well, for an extra veggie.

While the salmon is baking, drain your potatoes (I used about 5 medium potatoes, which yielded about 4 servings). To the potatoes, add:

– 1/3 stick of softened butter

– half-cup of milk

– two tablespoons herbed goat cheese (you can use regular, but the herbs add a little bit of extra flavor)

– salt and pepper to taste

Mash and mix all the ingredients until well incorporated. Your salmon and asparagus should be done now. Serve together, and enjoy. Bon appetit!!





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