Dinner is ready!

This is not so much a recipe as just a suggestion. There are so many choices out there when it comes to food, that sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what to eat. It is twice as difficult if you are full-time employed, and don’t want to spend your entire evening at the stove. I don’t think that we should sacrifice our free time to have good food, nor do I think that we should sacrifice our health to have free time!! I do think it’s possible to have both, if you plan well and carefully select your tools and ingredients to get the most “bang for your buck.”

That is why I try to stick to a few simple rules for most dinners:

1) three things on the plate: a healthy meat (try to eat good oily fish whenever possible), a green veggie, and one other side – whole grain or another vegetable.

2)  Generally speaking, the more COLOR on your plate, the better.

3) simple seasonings: I like ones with an added health benefit: garlic, lemon/lime zest and juice, turmeric, vinegar, cinnamon.

4) Simple preparation techniques: sauté, steam, roast/bake.

If you do not have a pot with a steam attachment, I highly recommend you obtain one. For the dinner pictured above, I was  sautéing the fish (hake) in olive oil while the sweet potato was boiling in a small pan, green beans steaming directly above them – two birds with one stone!!.

A little agave syrup and cinnamon added to the potatoes before mashing, and crushed garlic and lemon juice sprinkled over the steamed green beans, and dinner was ready in about 25 minutes.

If you have your own little shortcuts to preparing quick but healthy meals, please share!

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