Don’t be afraid of fat!

Low-fat, fat-free and sugar-free products have been all the rage among masses desperate to lose weight for a while now, but information has been surfacing that dispels the false notion that all fats and sugars are bad for you.

Consider the fact that when  natural fat is removed from a natural product such as milk, for instance, you lose texture, flavor and even a lot of nutrition. To put back what is lost, most manufacturers resort to adding synthetic substances – synthetic vitamins and minerals that often are not properly absorbed by the human body, and even synthetic colors.  In some foods, the flavor that is lost when fat is gone, is replaced by synthetic flavorings, or exorbitant amounts of salt/sweetener.

Similarly, when replacing real sugar with artificial sweetener, you may be saving calories, but you are quite possibly subjecting yourself to any number of other health concerns, not the least of which is the reported carcinogenic potential of some brands.

The fact is natural fat can be good and healthy. Fats in dairy, in nuts, in avocados, in salmon and other oily fish are not only recommended but necessary to maintain optimal health. Don’t you want to be healthy and not just skinny?

I would prefer to have a little bit of real sugar or some honey with my tea or coffee, than a whole bunch of “low-calorie” substance cooked up in a chemical lab. And if you want to avoid the bad fats (trans fat, etc.) and various flavor additives, always read the labels and of course, cook at home with fresh produce, using as few basic condiments as possible.

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