Reading between the lines…

I am a strong proponent of healthy/natural eating.  My husband and I often shop organic/farmers’ markets and local “raw” farms. We stay away (as much as possible) from processed foods, artificial ingredients, as well as meat and dairy treated with antibiotics or hormones.  And last but not least, we mostly cook at home, because that is the best (if not the only) way to really have control over what goes into your food, and hence into your body.

That is why I am always dismayed at the numbers of “studies” out there that highlight the difficulty/expensiveness of eating healthy and naturally. You have probably seen headlines such as “Organic produce does not have more nutritional benefits,” or “It’s cheaper to eat out than to cook at home.” I call these so-called studies’ bluff!!! At best they are confusing and at worst they are spreading misinformation that is impacting people’s health and lives. This is why I say to you – always read between the lines. Always think about the logic (or lack thereof) that a “study” may be using to support its results. Use your brain and really analyze the information that is being presented.

An article recently claimed that it is cheaper to eat at restaurants, than it is to cook at home (I am guessing this study was supported or funded by the restaurant industry). For instance, you might spend $18 for a dinner of salmon at a restaurant, while it costs $30 to buy salmon at the store. The pertinent information that they conveniently omit is that the $30 will buy you enough salmon to make 2-3 meals. Suddenly, the math doesn’t add up. You might spend $5 on a single fast-food meal but $12 on a pound of beef – does that really make the beef MORE expensive? Not if you can make 4 burgers out of it. And of course, there are benefits to buying on sale/in season/with coupons, that they do not take into account.

As to the faulty premise behind claims that organic food does not offer more nutrition – well, it doesn’t… Except that the benefit of organic food isn’t in what it offers – it’s in what it DOESN’T offer – pesticides, chemicals, hormones, drugs, etc.

So when reading health/food related literature, always be wary of how the information is being presented and whether it truly makes sense. Because if we don’t take control of our health, no one will. Do not put crap into your body no matter how many studies tell you it’s cheaper or easier. Your body is your temple and the only “home” you will have for the rest of your life – treat is with respect!

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