Does money buy you freedom?

I just came across this article 5 ways money can buy freedom – and it got me thinking. In today’s society, we are concerned with making as much money as we can, so that we can buy as much stuff as we can.  But are we getting it wrong? Does more stuff make one happier?? Or should we perhaps use money to DO things rather than HAVE things. Use money for experiences and not stuff. After all doesn’t “stuff” just weigh us down? When my husband Brian and I were house-hunting 4 years ago, we had a choice: buy a bigger more expensive house, or have more spending money on hand. Did we really want to give up the freedom to eat at nice restaurants? Or freedom to go someplace nice for a vacation? Freedom for a quick weekend getaway to visit family out-of-state? We decided that one extra bedroom just wasn’t going to be worth it for us. Sure, the temptation was there, especially seeing how many of our friends and family have been “upgrading” their homes in this buyer’s market. But I thought back to our small apartment living when I was growing up, the way people in many countries and cities still live, and I remembered that our happiness was not measured by the square footage we lived in.

What do you think?

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